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CJ Anderson

Looks like Timmy is showing his true colors. I haven't been online the past couple days so sorry if this is old news:
ESPN New York first reported that Tebow opted out of running wildcat plays. ESPN also reported that Tebow said his relationship with Ryan was ''strained'' for a few days, but they smoothed things over. Ryan had all three quarterbacks active for Sunday's 27-17 loss, but Tebow never got onto the field in any capacity.

Ryan did not deny that Tebow asked out of running wildcat plays, but also refused to go into any details of what happened.

''I've been transparent and all that stuff without question, but I'm not going to give you a private conversation that I would have with a player,'' Ryan reiterated. ''That's between him and I. If he wants to share whatever the conversation is, Tim or anybody else, then that's up to him.''

Ryan was also asked if it could be considered ''insubordination'' if a player refuses to play in a role designed for him.
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