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We will NOT lose!

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Tough road schedule, but I don't see a single home game
we won't be favorites.

We play the AFC seeds in the same position as ours( in the
West) , so next year we get the #1 in each AFC division, and all teams in the AFC south and NFC East next year . If we want to play other teams they need to win their divisions. Until NE/Balt/Houston(has been Pitt also) loses the division to another team( or we lose the West) we will see them every year.

who gets home and who gets away games has always been mystifying, as it
does seem to be unfair most times, as we have to travel to NE again next year.

My bet is we get NE or Houston on the road for first Sunday nighter next year ( Denver never gets an afternoon home start because of fricking TENNIS). We have had two home openers ( sunday /monday nighters) thrown our way the last 2 years. They won't give us 3. It will probably be a rematch of whoever the AFCCG is this year.

TV LOVES that kind of stuff!
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