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Originally Posted by Beantown Bronco View Post
Gronk and Hernandez in particular have been really injury prone lately and haven't been able to string together very many healthy games in a row, so every extra game might hurt them actually. They also are nursing injuries at several other key areas and really want that bye week to heal up.

They need the rest more than any other team IMO.
You should save your metaphorical breath for some reason people posting on this thread do not grasp that;

1. NE is hurting and desperately needs a bye week to heal up.

2, NE as the 3rd seed would play Cinci, a very physical team which is the last thing they need a very physical game 7 days before they come to a well rested Denver team with an extra week to prepare for them and play at 5280 feet

3 Even if Denver ends up going to Houston for the AFCC game it would be better for a Manning offense to play in a dome than in horrible weather they might encounter in Denver.

4. Houston with the way the are playing of late could easily lose their first game which passes HFA to Denver anyway.
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