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You said it was laughable and that Denver never put together a team with a chance of going anywhere after 2000. Patently false as we hosted the AFCCG in 2005 and were a viable threat a number of other years. You either hate the Broncos/Love McDanies or have no clue what the hell your talking about.
What the hell does Mcdaniels have to do with anything? I swear, you people are the only people who bring him up. I only contribute to the conversation he's already in it, other than that he's on your minds more than mine...and thats sad.

The Defense went into decline after 2006 due to Al Wilson's injury. Until then, Denver's D was pretty respectable. Shanny chose to rebuild the offense first, and had it where he wanted it. The untimely death of an emerging star CB opposite Champ sure didn't help either.
You mean until Shanny started hiring people incapable of coaching defenses. Darrant Williams was vastly overrated as a DB considering he was not very good in coverage. He was a great tackler though. RIP.

Along with that, Shanny was incapable of putting any NFL-caliber personel together on defense.

Everyone rides that 1 playoff win line too much. Just how many franchise playoff wins did Denver have before Elway got here? (2). That was in 24 years. STFU with that. Making the playoffs and doing something when you get there is harder than you think.
There's really no excuse for 1 playoff win in a decade. Yeah, it's tough, but that doesn't mean you aren't expected to do it. Imagine if any other franchise like the Steelers or Patriots rode your mentality. Shanny had full control, not like he was working under anyone.

We were in the mix after losing multiple HOF'ers from our B2B championship teams. Unlike KFC, Denver never opened a season during that period with the fans thinking we had no shot, unlike the 2 years when Your Boy Josh was here. Vegas oddsmakers backed up that perception. Denver was always veiwed as a threat during that period.
Denver always had a great PR team creating a perception we had a chance. The fact of the matter is, we didn't. We were always too soft on defense and never played consistently... combine that in with the fact that we had a coach that didn't emphasize any sort of stretching and let star plays take plays/days off at their leisure.

Again bringing up McDaniels... why is he on your mind so much?

WTF did Lenny Walls ever do to you? Both walls and Herndon were undrafted FA's. WTF do you want from them? They both hung around a few years on other NFL squads after leaving Denver.
I don't want anything from them, the fact that the Broncos fielded them as starters is hilarious.

Funny also that you ride the 2nd in yards 16th in points remark. Everyone who does that ignores the 8 RB's we had on IR that year. You know what you need in the Red Zone? A RB to punch it in.
Tell that to the Saints. The #1 red zone team in the league. I imagine you only watch Broncos football you know, considering, you're such a great Broncos fan. Disregard the fact that I've watched every second of every down this year though.

You sir/madame post like a fan from another team. Calling yourself a Bronco fan is what is laughable.
So being a Broncos fan means I have blind, irrational viewpoints as yourself? If that's what it means, then yeah, I'm not a Broncos fan

Let's be honest Shanny's whole football program time was up here. People make excuse for injuries, but there is something behind that too. All teams DEAL with injuries. All of them. But the fact is, Shanny never had a strength/condition program that was up to par. Champ Bailey was injured all the damn time when Shanny was here... and that's just 1 player. Combine that with the fact that there was no sort of next man up mentality... more of a, we'll look for someone on FA mentality.

Are people really surprised there are injuries to his Redskins team? I mean he doesn't prepare them for a physical season.

Point in case, look at other teams...specifically the Niners. 2 straight years and they've had minimal injuries and really, lost no starters. Does it require luck? Yes. But it there is also things you can do to increase the favor in your odds.

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