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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
The one on here I disagree with is Mike Smith. His team is loaded with talent. If he's on there, then Fox has to be number six.

Honestly Arians deserves it, even if he was acting head coach. The circumstances he took over, in a division with the Texans and playing some really good opponents with a rookie QB - he's done an amazing job.

Carroll and Shanny deserve props, though I'd reverse Shanny with Carroll because Shanahan lost a bunch of stars at the beginning of the season and was able to win big games with two different rookie QB's. The Seahawk defense and several pieces were already in place before this year.
I'd like to disagree with Mike Smith, but I feel like I finally HAVE to give those overrated ****heads some credit. I disagree about their talent level, good receiving weapons and then a lot of "meh", imo. And they're in the first year with Koetter at OC. I promise I despise doing it, but Mike Smith deserves some credit for potentially finishing the season at the very top of the league standings.

You make a compelling case for Shanahan being above Carroll. I think because I expect him to be godlike on an annual basis that Carroll's job in Seattle was more surprising to me.
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