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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
If they're selling on Stubhub its either a scam or a season ticket holder who payed the deposit selling you a promise to his tickets when he gets them. Either way I wouldn't buy any tickets until they're actually available.
Dude, it cant be a scam. Stubhub guarantees all tickets. If you sell on Stubhub, you don't get the money until game is over plus a few days or they have the credit card. If the tickets are no good, they will find you other tickets. When you send them to SH, the download from Ticketmaster/Broncos wipes out any use of original tickets. A season ticket holder would have to claim his tickets got stolen and get re prints and then go in before the new buyer gets them. A season ticket holder is not going to commit fraud for a game (and lose his season tickets plus jail time).
If Stubhub has tickets on sale, it is probably the 3rd best way to go after getting lucky at Ticketmaster & buying on ticketexchange/NFL exchange.

Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
I guess if you thought that was the only way they'd ever come available, but I'd wonder why a season ticket holder would be so desperate to get rid of tickets before he even knows what they are. Definite buyer beware situation.
Interesting fact: Broncos have season ticket holders in all 50 states plus Canada (Bowlen's family?) and Mexico. I know if there were 2 games possible in Denver, many would pick one game to go to and sell the others. It wouldn't matter who the opponent is going to be, if you can't afford to go to both games, you would have the option to sell one of those games.

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