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Originally Posted by ol#7 View Post
2005 was smoke and mirrors...and Yet we would have been favored in the SB over the Seahawks. Hell, we would have beaten the Seahawks. We were smoke and mirrors because of the Offense though. Rod Smith had almost nothing left and was still our best WR, an aging Mike Anderson on his second go round and Tatum Bell amassing over 2k yards...while impressive hardly a scary threat to anyone.

But some of the arguments your making is luck of the draw. They didn't get blown out by the Ravens on the road, and many (myself included) thought we were the 2nd best team in the NFL that year going into the playoffs.

2006 we had Al Wilson lining up without a working neck against the 49ers in a must win game...after winning a must win game against the Bengals the week before. Sometimes teams play spoiler (see Saints v Dallas this last week).

Then we had the misfortune to run into Manning's Colts a few times. We could have beaten about anyone else in the conference those years. Hell we traded Portis for Champ and drafted D.Will as a result of those games in order to match up, which lead up to our high water mark in 05, before trying to rebuild on the fly.

That 3 game slide...the Only game they actually blew was against Buffalo. We got beat by a pretty damn good Panthers team on the road, and again had to travel to SD to end the year which was a set up from the moment Hochuli blew his wistle. Expectations got out of control for a young team that was a year away because the division was bad. If either Stokely holds onto the ball in the endzone or Bowe recovers an onside kick, this isn't even up for discussion.

I am not even sure what point we are arguing. Denver tried to rebuild post SB years while remaining competitive. They had mixed results, but were where they were supposed to be most years, and in the hunt, nearly missing out on a 3rd SB. To say they weren't legitimate SB contenders...what does that mean? Were the 9-7 Giants (who needed help to make the playoffs), the Cardinals, Titans (music city miracle), Ravens (champ missed pick), young Brady led Pats, the Rex Grossman led Bears, Hasselbecks Seahawks, really more legitimate title contenders than Denver during this period?
It's a results oriented business I guess is what I'm arguing

My view of Mike has changed since 2008 from a stats oriented view like I think a lot still view Mike from to a results oriented view and I can't prove anything but my view of Mike after 99 was a guy who just cared about that 3rd ring so he could be in that elusive group and chased it for 9 years and was "always a year way"

Build on 2005 and take the next step. Hell build on 2000 and take the next step, build on 2003 and take the next step.

Teams back into the playoffs all the time. A Super Bowl contender has the ability to go on the road and win. Can you really say that about any team Denver took on the road in the 2000's.His main flaw was he was never able to win the AFCW except for 2005 and guess what when they did they won a playoff game.
Win the West and maybe miss or postpone playing Manning. San Diego managed to play well against Manning home or away

GB, NYG, Pitts, even the defense-less Cardinals did it on the road.

Forget Bowe. Beat Buff at home. Beat SF at home. Even the Cincy game you reference in 2006 they needed a missed xtra point to win. Talk about luck

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