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Originally Posted by Crushaholic View Post
Most of you are ignoring Baja's point. If we get the #1 spot, that's both good and bad. We all want Denver to play, at home. I don't see NE losing to Miami, and that would open up the #2 spot for NE. Making NE play an extra game is good, isn't it?
The best thing is for Denver to play at home. Why is an extra game so detrimental to NE or any team? Hoping for the odd injury? They may play great in the wildcard round, and come into Denver full of confidence. Then I guess it sort of backfires, doesn't it. They are professional athletes. They are not going to get "wore out" having to play 1 more game. And if a team beats NE, then THEY will come into Denver full of confidence.

There is a reason teams want to play at home. It's a huge advantage. Denver has a bigger advantage due to the altitude. I've never heard of an NFL team where a single player preferred to not win the #1 seed.
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