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I definitely want the #1 seed. Who cares if NE gets the #2 seed as a result. I'd much rather delay the matchup with NE until the AFC Championship game and guarantee two playoff home games.

A home game against Cincy or Baltimore would be ideal as these are two teams the Broncos handled with ease on the road in the regular season. What better way to start the playoffs with a bye and then a team we know we can beat?

The alternative of course is that Houston is the #1 seed, we're #2 and we likely get New England for our first game (no team has a really good shot of beating them in the first round) and then a potential road game against Houston. Playing two teams that have beaten the Broncos is not what I would call ideal. Sure it was early in the season when the Broncos weren't playing as well and the NE game was on the road, but I'd much rather have these two teams play in the second round to see who has to come to Mile High for the AFC Championship game. And this is a no brainer if you ask me.

History of #1 seeds is irrelevant. Teams that enter the playoffs hot usually do well. The Broncos barring a very unexpected letdown will do just that.
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