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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Pretty sure that the meeting with josh was impromptu nothing scheduled well in advance. He might have had a day or two notice but even then how would he have known the terminology. Perhaps study some film but to know the terminology?
Perhaps Tebow's agent had an insider close to the Broncos and/or McD who was able to give him a leg up? I'm not saying that's what happened, but who knows? It just seems weird. The Jets seemed legitimately excited to have Tebow, then barely used him. He must just look horrific in a practice setting. I still think you give him a chance, though, because maybe he's just one of those guys who's a gamer. What did they have to lose? Just weird. I'm not sold on Tebow like most people, but he deserves a fair chance at least. Hopefully, he next team will give him a chance to sink or swim on the field, whether it's Jacksonville or elsewhere.
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