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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
I had said much the same thing a few days ago.

Pretty sure that the meeting with josh was impromptu nothing scheduled well in advance. He might have had a day or two notice but even then how would he have known the terminology. Perhaps study some film but to know the terminology?

He also said that during the interview he was able to read the the defenses that were put up and how to defeat them.

Myself I think it was all crap from the jets staff to justify not,using him.

I also suspect that they did not try all that hard after the owner forced him on them.

Any coach in JAX would've a fool not to buy in as Tebow is loved there more than he is. Those fans are just as rabid as any and maybe even moreso than most. When it comes to Tebow He would start a fire in that program.

Now if he does indeed fail after getting decent coaching fans would understand any changes made.

We all know he had the same rap here lousy practice player, but thekidmwas a gamer. He showed up on Sundays and his teammates bought into it also.

I hope he just gets a fair shake about it. Then the chips can fall the way they should and he is either a damned good QB or a great minister.

Some how with the work ethic I've seen I suspect the former. .
It's one thing to know what to do in a classroom environment,but once the bullets start flying it's a different animal. There have been plenty of QBs drafted that looked good in the classroom/interview only to fall flat on their face once the whistle blows. It's no secret that tebow struggles reading defenses.
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