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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by E_Rox View Post
Cross admitted as much on Sirius years ago. He went on a tangent for some reason and Bob Papa pulled him back from the whole story if I recall correctly.
I figured as much. I am not wont to buy into the "so-and-so hates the broncos" rhetoric. However Cross is one guy who sticks out to me.

Guys like Fouts who haven't played in two decades don't have any players left to hate. As I said, I think color analysts favor the squads they played for. Offensive players will defend ticky tacky PI calls or roughing the passer calls while defensive players will complain and raise a stink about how unfair and difficult it is for a defender in those situations. I think sometimes if they are calling for the team they played for they will be overly kind, but sometimes the reverse is true and I find them to be overly critical of their former teams.

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