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I tend to agree. Denver was never really a "viable" Super Bowl contender post '98.

All the playoff games on the road were not even competitive. Enjoyable maybe but a "viable" Super Bowl contender I would say no

Just cruise over to the Tebowmaina vs ManningMania thread to see how the arguments change depending on what you want to argue. In Shanny's case just getting to the playoffs as a wildcard team and never being competitive in any game on the road is OK but many to wait and see how the 2012 season turns out to decide which year is more enjoyable most likely because Denver was able to secure a home playoff game before being exposed on the road.

Even John Lynch said the 2005 season was "smoke and mirrors"

I would expect a 13-3 team to build upon 2005 but

2006 - Lost to the 6 win 49ers at home with a chance to go to the playoffs
2007 - Missed playoffs
2008 - Epic 3 game lead blown and a loss to the 6 win Bills team at home followed by what Shanny knew was a compete mismatch and 52 point beatdown in SD

So depending on how you want to judge a team defines Shanny's success post '98

Getting into the playoffs is enjoyable . Getting "blowed out" is not and I know Elway and Bowlen are not in this for the fun of it
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