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The Jets also are saying privately that Tebow has difficulty digesting more complex offensive schemes and lingo.
I find this interesting. Here's what McDaniels said about Tebow after drafting him:

"When I went to Gainesville Monday to work him out,'' McDaniels said, referring to his hush-hush trip to spend the day with Tebow, "we spent about seven hours together. We went over a lot of things. Now, understand that our offense is pretty complicated, and the terminology and the scheme is totally different from what he did at Florida. But about midway through my time there, we're going through plays, and he starts using our terminology. He's so smart about football that he was able to begin to speak my language and talk apples to apples. He'd already translated what he knew of our scheme into my words. That's something that carried a lot of weight with me.''

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Maybe Tebow's people knew that McD would grill him on this stuff, and so they prepped him in advance to regurgitate the responses McD would want? On the other hand, there's a big difference between talking about football in a chair and processing a lot of complex info in less than two seconds with large men chasing after you. Just thought it was interesting to see these comments from the Jets versus what McDaniels said a couple of years ago.
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