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I haven't gone through the whole thread, so forgive me if this has already been addressed:

To me, Tebow needs to make certain he is wanted by the coaching staff before signing on with Jacksonville. The word in the offseason was that is was the owner who wanted Tebow and the coaches/front office were having him forced on them. If I recall correctly, I think Mularkey denied that in the press, but what else is he gonna say? That last thing Tebow needs is to go to a team where he's just there as a sideshow to sell tickets. He and his people really need to grill the Jacksonville coaching staff to make sure they really want him there.

If the owner is gung-ho on having Tebow, he needs to make sure he has a coaching staff willing to buy in. He won't sell tickets riding the bench or as an occasional wildcat sideshow. If that means firing his current staff, so be it. The question is, is there a coach out there willing to chain their career to Tim Tebow? Josh McDaniels is the only obvious candidate. He pushed his chips in for Tebow once, but he got fired before the cards were called. He probably will get another HC shot at some point, but that will probably be his last chance. Would he be willing to risk it all again on Tebow? Has his opinion of Tebow changed since he originally drafted him? It was interesting that the Pats didn't make a play for him, but maybe that was all Bellichek's call.
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