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Originally Posted by Broncos4Life View Post
I think that's a good idea. They could really mix up some formations with all 3 guys, including Hillman.

I think they need to unleash some KM screens in the playoffs. KM has been really good with them. Maybe some PA fake to WM/screen to KM. That would be pretty sweet.

Only thing that worries me is WM's fumbles. I'd be so pissed if we went out because of some stupid fumbles. And that's all that I see in my head when thinking about WM running the ball.
The Hester inside handoffs that have went for TDs are a great thing. IMO it sets up an outside pitch to Moreno in the playoffs. Hester scores a few more of those, or maybe he already has, and teams will start looking for that play when Broncos get inside the 5 yrd line. Hopefully we are saving some really nice redzone plays for the playoffs.

The one last week where manning threw the pick was sort of ugly though. I felt like Moreno just ran a docile ugly route instead of cutting across the face of his defender.

Who knows though maybe just a well defended play.

It all comes down to the redzone IMO. Broncos score when they get there and they have 30 points every game.
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