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Mike Shanahan's lowest ranking ever in points was 26th (2011) with Rex Grossman and John Beck. He has 25 years of offenses to draw from and he's never been close to the ineptitude of the 2011 Rams. Good offensive coordinators find a way to generate something. There's no defending 32 of 32.
So you're comparing a head coach to an offensive coordinator now?

I'm not even sure what to say about that, whether you know that McDaniels should be considered that highly to be in comparison with HC's or that you don't think much of Shanahan to compare him to an OC.

Either way, you really have no foundation on what you're talking about... one is a HC and the other one calls plays.

Registered this month and you're already calling me out as if you've been stalking me?

c'mon son, did you get banned?

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