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Pass is...IN-COM-PLETE!

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Action is an apologist, too. Defending McD!ckless and his porous performance as Rams offensive coordinator last year.

I don't mind people who defend McD!ckless, but there's no defense for what he did with St. Louis.

They finished dead last in the NFL in points (193), averaging 12 points per game. 32 out of 32.

I don't care how bad the talent is, a good offensive coordinator finds a way to get his team to 28th in the league. Hell, I would even accept a 31st ranking.

Mike Shanahan's lowest ranking ever in points was 26th (2011) with Rex Grossman and John Beck. He has 25 years of offenses to draw from and he's never been close to the ineptitude of the 2011 Rams. Good offensive coordinators find a way to generate something. There's no defending 32 of 32.
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