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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Broncos were outright disrespected by every talking head on every network going into that Superbowl in 97 vs the Packers. It was outright Broncos have no chance and will get blown out again. I was in Vegas the week before the Superbowl and the Superbowl bets i made paid for the trip when Broncos won the next week. I remember people laughing at me as i bet the Broncos to win straight up.

Then they came around the next yr and most picked us to beat the Falcons. What is funny is that a lot still picked falcons. They still refused to believe they Broncos at that point were unbelievabley good. Count up the HOF and pro bowlers and it gets silly.

I remember a Pack fan telling me the game was fixed! ****in sore loser!
I didn't know a single Broncos fan that thought we wouldn't win that game.
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