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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Not sure it could play out because I haven't looked at the possible scenarios, but a Pats/Broncos Sea/Packers weekend of games would be awesome. Lots of hate would be on the field.

I think i am having trouble getting excited because i still feel Pats have our number right now.

last yr it was Hernandez out of the backfield we couldnt stop, this yr it was just every Pat RB getting 5 plus a carry etc. Broncos need to get mean, come hard for brady, and not worry about anything else then getting him on the ground as much as possible.
Yeah, I don't think getting pressure alone will be enough, you have to GET THERE and SACK HIM. I will say though, the last time we played them, remember we had Joe Mays at the center of the defense. I think our defense is much improved since then.
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