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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by FearLanier View Post
I agree with Tyler Wilson, but saying Geno Smith won't make it because he plays in the spread is simply not true. He's played in multiple systems and had great success in both.

The NFL is using the air raid a lot too. Look at what Shannahan is doing with RG3. Tom Brady air raided the Dolphins for 4 TD's and 500 yards a couple years ago and still uses it.
Peyton Manning even uses the air raid quite a bit. Even as a Colt.

It's used more in the NFL then people think.
No, no one uses the "Air Raid" in the NFL. By "Air Raid" I dont merely mean passing alot, even though they pass alot. I mean a very specific system of plays and a very specific practice style and nothing more. The Air Raid is a system where they have a few core pass plays and they are very specific and they will run just those plays, out of about 4-6 formations, with some tags for each play to make it appear multiple and to give it some flexibility for anticipated defensive adjustments. You start out with a dozen or so things, give each 2-3 tags, and you have (what appears to the opponent) as 35 plays when its really only 12-15.

That's it, that's all they do, except for a quick game and a fairly expansive screen game. They will run their few things over and over, it doesnt matter what the coverage is. Because there is so little of it, Leach will rep each one HUNDREDS of times each week so that they know what to do against any concievable defense. It's like the old Green Bay Packers sweep from the 60s (or the Shanny inside zone and outside zone with the complementary playaction and rollout). That's their thing. They wont come in with a million things, they rep it until they are perfect at it and the muscle memory is there for each person. If you go back and look at the old Kentucky playbooks, you'll see they number about 50 pages for everything together. The NFL is the EXACT opposite of the Air Raid (its also the exact opposite of Norm Chow's BYU/NC State/USC least until Pete Carroll told him to totally change the run game and also to emphasize more of the stuff the NFL was doing in the Quick game in particular, there are articles on this on Chris Brown's blog among other places). The NFL, by and large, believes in having a million different run and pass plays (200-400 pages). Coach Leach will install his ENTIRE OFFENSE in 3 days. There is not a SINGLE NFL OFFENSE that can be installed in just 3 days. Not one. Manning's Colts offense, it is true, is more of an execution offense, where they have a much smaller core than usual and they work with far fewer formatoins than usual, but he has the freedom to check in and out of just about anything to just about anything within that core and much of the offense is from the LOS so as to eliminate tendencies. Still, it is not similar to the Air Raid because they aren't using the Air Raid's classic bread and butter plays and it still likely has quite a bit more volume. The Air Raid is also distinct because of its practice style. If you read any of the Tony Franklin System materials or anything of the like, there is a very distinct way of practicing, what to empahsize, what not to, how they do repetitions, how they do passing drills, what they do to "replace" the need for stretching etc. So no, its not the same at all.

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