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Laughable take considering the Broncos set NFL records in yards, points, rushing, etc during the post Elway era. Extra laughable considering the Broncos were top 5 in win % during the post Elway era. Extra laughable considering the Broncos made an AFCCG appearance less than 3 years before the fire. Extra laughable considering he dragged the youngest team in the NFL with record breaking amount of RB injuries to missing the playoffs by a tie-breaker.

In conclusion: Laughable.
Less than 3 years? What the hell are you trying to sugar coat? How about tell the whole truth and say it was 3 seasons prior. 3 seasons is an eternity in the NFL.

Laughable was the Denver Broncos' defenses Shanahan put together. Laughable was hiring guys named Jim Bates and Bob Slowik to run the defense. Laughable was the revolving DC door and not because they got promoted.

Laughable is Denver Broncos fans getting hyped every year considering the fact that the Broncos won 1 playoff game post elway era.

Laughable was Kelly Herndon and Lenny Walls as our DBs.

Laughable was the meltdowns the Denver Broncos teams would experience.

Laughable was how soft the defense was. Not just soft, but melted butter soft.

Laughable was being 2nd in the league in yards yet somehow 16th in the league in points per game

Laughable is thinking Shanny ever put together a team with any sort of chance to go anywhere from the year 2000 and on

Laughable is the amount of players Shanahan drafted and signed that are still in the NFL or had any NFL career after the Denver Broncos.

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