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Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
Least flawed, yes. GB and Seattle are playing just as well right now.
Yep. GB is very NE Patriots like; the way to beat them is to get to Rodgers and throw him off his game, otherwise you are screwed just like you would be when you don't get to Brady.

Seattle is tough to play against right now, but I don't think they have the cache yet to go on the road. At home, I will take them against just about anyone.

If the redskins do clinch the NFC East and 4th seed this weekend, I would rather they face Seattle in DC than say face the 49ers in DC. I just believe more in the 49ers despite them getting smoked in seattle. If it's @ seattle, then it changes everything but I'll take my chances with hosting the seahawks as opposed to the alternative of 49ers (should they lay an egg which I doubt; they will clinch the NFC West this week).

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