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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I like Knowshon because of ball security. It seems like McGahee has been fumbling the ball a lot. Sometimes multiple times in one game. That fumble against the Patriots was a killer. I really think we could have at least scored on that drive were it not for that. Turnovers have been a killer for us this year.
Certainly in those early games against the better teams, IMO, turnovers were a huge reason we did not win all 3 of those games. Especially the Falcons game where we had 4 turnovers in the 1st QTR. The Houston game we did have some turnovers but to me that was more about giving up big plays and not getting off the field on 3rd down. Houston had drives of 98, 89 and 72 yards. And our offense was just not finishing drives of their own, as we had to settle for 3 1st half FG's with no TD's. The Patriots game, well we all know Brady is good but when you give him 250 yards rushing along with the passing, you're gonna lose that game 99% of the time, home or away.

The Falcons game we can chalk that up to a very very bad day for Manning, well at least a very very bad 1st QTR. The other losses, probably some growing pains with the team still coming together and partially the Joe Mays factor. The defense seems to have been tweaked enough during the season to the point I think they're in a good place. With KM running the ball, we've got the production and ball security. The receivers are doing well, the passing game is going good. I think our ST's is doing well also. We're just in a good place right now.

I think we're primed and ready for a good playoff run.
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