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Kenny McKinley

It was his hesitance and 'dancing' behind the line that irked me and ultimately led to me just outright hating the fact that he's on our team. He never just cut upfield, hit the hole hard, etc.... like he lacked vision or was just plain scared to cut it up there.

Since he stepped onto the field replacing McGahee it's like seeing an entirely different running back in him. He's pounding the ball, making nice cuts, attacking the line of scrimmage and showing a bit of quickness.

He's kicking ass right now, I don't feel bad about knocking him as hard as I have - I feel great for the guy! Personally, I would like to see him stay in the lineup whether McGahee is ready or not.

My dislike for the guy is waning very fast. I really really like the player that he's become lately. I see a different player.
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