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How does anyone know it isn't a Russell/Quinn draft?

At the time both were considered solid QB picks. Russell was a physically gifted passer, and Quinn was like a more polished Aaron Rogers (before he was Aaron Rogers). In fact both Quinn and Rogers fell in the draft the same way, but Rogers had "it" and Quinn didn't.

It's a total crap shoot.

Here's a list of first overall QB's taken in the last 20 years.

Bolded are the ones who played in a spread offense.

Drew Bledsoe
Peyton Manning
Tim Couch
Michael Vick
David Carr
Carson Palmer
Eli Manning
Alex Smith
Jamarcus Russell
Matthew Stafford
Sam Bradford
Cam Newton
Andrew Luck
I agree completely that nobody knows, that's why I think it's a hilarious when people think this QB class sucks simply because Kiper/McShay says they suck. Those guys are still doing damage control on their predictions (Russell Wilson wouldn't be a starter/Ricky Stanzi was best QB prospect of 2011 class).

Geno played in more of a pro style offense for 1 year and looked great, and that was his first year starting in college. That alone should give him some credibility because he has proven he isn't simply a spread QB.
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