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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I like Knowshon because of ball security. It seems like McGahee has been fumbling the ball a lot. Sometimes multiple times in one game. That fumble against the Patriots was a killer. I really think we could have at least scored on that drive were it not for that. Turnovers have been a killer for us this year.

Knowshon has always done well in blocking and catching the ball. Now it appears he has started to run the ball like we needed. But most importantly he doesn't fumble. Turnovers are the primary reason the Patriots are as good as they look. They are +23. The next closest team is the ball-hawking Bears with two corners having career years at +16. I am on some level grateful that McGahee won't be back until after the AFCCG, because as it sits right now we are going to play them in the divisional round.

Now if we can get someone to teach him to lace his shoes properly...
Feel the same way Kaylore, KM has gotten a bad rap and now, thankfully, is able to show what he can do when healthy and a little more experienced and the game has obviously slowed down for him now.

KM was never a big fumble worry and he seems extra intent on security since his return. Hopefully Willis is working on his ball glue while convalescing .. would be great to have willis and Knowshon trading off to keep each fresh in the AFCCG and SB should we make it to each so long as Willis has his fumblitis cured at last.
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