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It's difficult to compare the '96 - '98 team to this one. I would say on offense the 90's team was better at pretty much every position. QB is a wash, but OL was miles better, TD vs. KM? lol. WR is one spot the current team may be better at. On defense though, I'd give the nod to this year's squad as a unit, but I think the DL of Neil Smith, Alfred Williams, Trevor Pryce and Keith Traylor were a much better group than what we currently have to offer.

Lastly, the '96 team was a lot better than it gets credit for. People are (my self included) just too bitter about the JAX game which makes it hard to look objectively at what they accomplished during the regular season. In the end, the current team will suffer that same fate if they don't win the SB.
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