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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
This is a classic projection post. You have no clue as to how Shanny felt during that interview, that was simply how you felt while you watched it.

Pat Bowlen hired Shanny, then kept Shanny around way, way too long. Bowlen made Shanny a very rich man and Shanny collected $14m after he was fired. You have no objectivity in you opinions about Shanny, and its really quit amusing watching you bumble around in your hate of all things Bowlen.
that last sentence sums it up.. most folks only hear/SEE what they wish to..

that said we (myself included) all have guys we like and seem to turn a blind eye to realism when it comes to them..

Would love to say I have been correct in all my thoughts on players but Like everyone else I've made mistakes..
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