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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
Pretty much, he was drafted by Mcdaniels which is not good baggage, he was not worth a top 16 pick and the money associated with that pick. Moreno hasn't been a productive runner, in 590 carries as a Bronco he has 2400 rushing yards, 15 TDs and 9 fumbles. Mcgahee has in 400 carries as a broncos 1900 rushing yards, 8 TDs and 9 fumbles. Mcgahee has a much better yards per carry average, although he has more fumbles and fewer TDs per carry.

He has been injury prone and clearly lacks big play ability.

Moreno was a guy who was over drafted in a poor year for RBs, he is servicable and I think had he been a 4th rounder people would love him. If he moves on and signs a low free agent contract and puts up the kind of play he has lately people will love him in whichever town he plays.
IIRC one of the reasons they moved on him when they did they got the word the SAN was going to take him with their choice that was coming a few later..

whether the was true or not I dunno .
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