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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by errand View Post
Several reasons why he's been oft-maligned, whether or not it's justified, who knows...but take your pick.

[] He was drafted by McDaniels who is despised by many on here....

[] He wasn't the guy they wanted McDaniels to draft in 1st round of '09...

[] He wasn't worth the 12th overall pick in their opinion....

[] He had 4 fumbles in his rookie season and 3 more in his sophomore season....that's 7 of his 9 career fumbles.

[] He has been considered injury prone by many on here

[] All of the above.....
Pretty much, he was drafted by Mcdaniels which is not good baggage, he was not worth a top 16 pick and the money associated with that pick. Moreno hasn't been a productive runner, in 590 carries as a Bronco he has 2400 rushing yards, 15 TDs and 9 fumbles. Mcgahee has in 400 carries as a broncos 1900 rushing yards, 8 TDs and 9 fumbles. Mcgahee has a much better yards per carry average, although he has more fumbles and fewer TDs per carry.

He has been injury prone and clearly lacks big play ability.

Moreno was a guy who was over drafted in a poor year for RBs, he is servicable and I think had he been a 4th rounder people would love him. If he moves on and signs a low free agent contract and puts up the kind of play he has lately people will love him in whichever town he plays.
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