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Tannehill's numbers were very good. Better then Tyler Wilson this year. Both teams didn't have that much talent around them, at least defensively. So guess it comes down to whether or not, team performance is a huge judge of whether someone will be good at the next level.

Geno had good games against Maryland and OU. But was awful against KSU, TTU, TCU. But West Virginia had their own problems this year, too. His ability to go through his progressions are a major concern to me, but it wouldn't deter me from drafting him either. As you said, there isn't really a #1 type pick at any position, so they might as well take a shot on what spot they need the most. If it doesn't pan out, they can do another go at it 3 seasons from now.

I wasn't really a fan of the Brock pick, but you can certainly make the argument had he slightly improved as a senior that he could be a first round pick in this year's draft class. There's also not any pressure for him to produce over the next couple seasons most likely.
Well of course Tannehill's numbers were better than Wilson's. He had talent everywhere at A&M while Wilson had nothing but Cobi Hamilton at Arkansas.

That's why I love Wilson as a prospect. He was in the worst position a college QB could be in and he still looked very good and was never rattled. If he can handle the worst adversity in college then he should be more than prepared for the NFL.
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