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I'll disagree with you there. Woodyard and Trevathan have been good in coverage. Its Brooking and Williams that have given up plays and been spotty. Heck Williams has always "been there", looking at any game in his career, but never makes a play on the ball. Miller is getting better. And most of the time when a TE gets a reception on our D, I see #20 Adams-or nobody around for that matter!
The coverage ability of the ILBs and Safeties is the key to stopping the Patriots, also having a great interior pass rush. The teams that we struggled with SF and Set have fast ILB and great safeties. I look at the Broncos as a team with most of it's Defensive talent on the outside; Doom, Miller and your CBs. It's not a good match up for Den, of course our pass D sucks so Peyton should light us up, but then if Peyton played in the playoffs like he did in the regular season he have 6 rings by now.

Hopefully they play each other and the best player rivalry in the NFL will continue.
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