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TJ Ward

Originally Posted by baja View Post
Does anyone think this team looks as dominant as the 96 team? the 97 team? the 98 team?
This team is definitely better than the 96' team. 97' & 98'? That's going to be tough to argue. I think Manning is better than Elway BUT, Elway could still move and escape and make you pay with his legs. Manning is a statue, albeit a damn great one. Running game goes to 97'/98' Broncos. TD was the best player in the league at that time. I think those teams were stronger at WR, TE, and OL as well. DT is good, but Rod and Ed were great in all faucets of the game and never dropped passes. They weren't as soft as Decker either. Our OL this year is just ok.

The defense this year is legitimately better than those previous years but we did have some great players on those teams. Push comes to shove, I think the 97'/98' Broncos team beats this years team, reason being is the running game. I think those defenses would take away our paltry threat in KM, and this year's team has only been tested slightly in the run game. We got flat out exposed vs. NE though. Every other time, they have played with the lead. I saw Cleveland gash us a few times. The positive news is Manning most likely will give us a lead in future games, so that could continue to be concealed.
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