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Yes....I wouldn't exactly call the Bears one of the more competent teams in terms of offensive team roster evaluation, look at the offensive line they've assembled.

Besides, do you really see Matthew Willis as being a valuable asset?

Name a few plays in particular that have given you this notion.

I see him as a player on the roster begging for an upgrade to be brought in.

I'm not saying signing Dane Sanzenbacher would be a roster shattering, difference making move. I'm saying I think it would be one of those in season shrewd moves that John Elway and company have made this season that would be a minor upgrade on the roster.

If they don't do it this season, as it's probably a little late to bring him in and get him acclimated to the offense in such a short time frame, they should sign him when the season is over if nobody has claimed him.

Sanzenbacher is the kind if of player who would attach himself at the hip to Peyton Manning in the offseason and get on the same page with and come into training camp and have some chemistry and cohesiveness right off the bat.
I agree that we need to get some more help at the WR position, but I don't think Dane Sazenbacher is the solution. Bring him in to compete?

He's white I'm sure they'll heavily consider it
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