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Originally Posted by baja View Post
There were plenty of quality posters and quality people but most have been driven off. There are still some left but it used to be like a good neighborhood bar, that's gone now.
As I said every time I came to get info it was the wild wild west. And NO lady saloon keepers to keep it decent.

I live in a place that is cowgirl country probably only 25 bronco fans in the county. So I was desparate to get any facts or news of the broncos.

I know that all the other forums I have been on the same thing happened folks came on and drove the great posters away. Or into not posting just lurking.

Sad for the place. Myself I also have become one of the crowd.
Decided tonight after church that I'm not the guy I want to be. So am going to try and change. Time will tell if I get drug back into the cesspool.
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