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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by baja View Post
I remember a time around here when we were all fans of the same team and we acted like it. We would discuss our Broncos, have friendly disagreements and joke with one another.It was fun to come here. What happened to that place? I see people here saying things to one another they would never say to someone's face. Have people become so fearful and frustrated that they have to say vile things to one another on a message board because there is no fear of reprise. Really what is it? What happened?
Well one tries to be civil and it's fine when people argue against your view, and some people have done so on this thread. That's all good, that's what discussion forums are all about. But then the clowns come and take snipets of what you say and work it to frame it as if you are saying something so very different and then call you idiot. I mean, has it come to this, that on this forum, that a person can say they don't think a player is having a great season but a good season and people want to twist that all around like you're trying to run the player out of town or something. I don't really go after people unless they're being an unreasonable ass towards me. Some people think Doom's having a great year, fine, I think he's having a good year. No harm no foul. But some people on this board that's obviously blasphemy and they get all bent. I get too worked up sometimes I admit but usually not until somebody really gets after me and starts with the total nonsense. Then I feel like caving their face in.....hahaa. I know, I have some anger issues sometimes. I deal with it. But this isn't the first time dudes on this board get pissy with each other and it won't be the last either.

No offense meant. I just had an opinion, tried to express it. My apologies to anybody who thought I was being an ass. Was not my intention. But it is 11pm now and Christmas is tomorrow so Merry Christmas to everybody.
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