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Manti Teo

Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
Nice work there tool - why don't you quote all of what I said instead of taking snipet and trying to make it look like I said something entirely different then I did. You're a ****in tool.

For the last F'n time. I said Doom has been GOOD but not SPECIAL. So if you're getting your GD panties in a bunch over this then ****in grow up. We all don't have to have the same opinion. Alot of you guys are trying to twist and turn and make it sound like I am saying Doom is a bad player or something. Now I know how some of these celebs feel when the media takes something, changes it, tweaks it, on and on until it looks like something entirely different.

So stick that in the stocking.
Who is getting upset about this but you? You stated your opinion, one must of us have respectfully disagreed with, and it has led to a civil discussion.

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