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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
You assume most people on the mane knew about it. What 10 people said they've been there before. How many thousands of members are on the mane. You're going to say that most of then knew about it. That's really sticking your neck out.

And I disagree with your disagreement. I said Doom has been good. I don't think he's been SPECIAL. He had 17 sacks in 2009. Doom is a sack specialist, that's what he's paid alot of money to do. Even if he gets 1 more sack next week, 12 sacks is not enough to justify that contract. He needs more. Once again, this is not saying Doom is not good, he's been good, but it's my opinion he's not been as special as he was in 2009. That's the Doom I'd like to see.

Agreed on both points.....Doom needs to find another gear for the playoffs and I DID NOT KNOW OF THAT WEBSITE.........
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