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Originally Posted by kupesdad View Post
it's both ankles, his back, his right arm, his fathers left and right shoulders and assorted bruises, c-sections, and tumors in his neighborhood.
Merry Christmas to Kupe, you, and yours Dad.

I get the feeling your post was in jest, and hope so. If not then,
tell him to rub some dirt on it ( he would end up really filthy if it's as bad as you say), and avoid that neighborhood for the reminder of his career.

And stop carrying shopping bags for the "Wimmen" of the family until after the playoffs are over, to heal up those backs, arms, and shoulders.

You may get a few more "bruises" from them for being anuses, but they will heal fast.

Anyway, we hope to see Kupe back on the field soon , and hope he is just resting up so it gets as healed up as possible before we need him in there for the post season.
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