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Hahaha, so funny. You said in your own words that Doom against the run has been good, and his sack totals this year are good. That's exactly what I said but you want to say we don't know what we're talking about.

Any of you think Doom has had a GREAT or FANTASTIC year are just being total homers. He's had a GOOD year and there's nothing wrong with that. Quit being such little b****es just because somebody has a SLIGHTLY different opinion. Good friggen lord you would have thought I said the guy sucks or something they way people react around here.
No what's funny is you have no idea what you're talking about.

This is what you said

Originally Posted by ZONA
Doom has been good, not special but good. He has improved his run defense but not enough. If you're on the team primarily because you're a "sack specialist" then you probably better have something like 14-16 sacks on the season. Don't think his play deserved a praise thread though. He hasn't been that good.
Doom is a pass rushing specialist, however we have two on this team and there is a BETTER one on the other side of the field. Combine that with the fact that Dumervil is going up against the best pass blockers of every team... you'd have to be a got damn idiot to think he needs to have 14-16 sacks a season.

Add the fact that EVERYONE on the team is now accountable to stop the run, and if you read what I posted you'd see that Dumervil is ALSO playing techniques to stop the run. IF you watch the games you'd know.

Across from Dumrvil is a candidate for DPOY with pass rushing as his specialty... what the **** makes you think he needs to get 16 sacks a season to make himself great?

I mean 11 sacks and 6 forced fumbles (tied for 3rd in the league) doesn't mean anything?

And there is one game left... we can talk then but I highly doubt your level of intelligence will change.

I've seen some of your posts around here, you don't watch all the games...if any. You just look at stats.

Go sit outside and get a tan.

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