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Thunder (RIP)

Maybe I'm a homer, but I don't know how its not Manning. I'm not even sure how it's close.

Regardless of what the Broncos did last year, it seemed like a team in disarray, definitely one with a leadership void (sorry, Tebow). Peyton Manning came in here and established the Broncos not only as arguably the best team in football, but easily the most consistent. He's instilled a culture in Denver that is incredibly efficient and professional. Gone are the days of "trap games" and letdowns. John Fox said it best: His teammates are afraid to let him down because of how he works, prepares, and succeeds. They want to be on his level. Combine that with his weekly systematic evisceration of the opponent's defense (we're already spoiled by this), his gaudy stats, and that's he's done this with a new team and a new city....this isnt even close. This is Peyton's award.
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