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Dumervil has been good/great this year and earned his money. He sustained an injury he's most likely been playing through.

I have no idea what this Zona kid is talking about. The problem with forums is, you don't know who has watched all the games. I've personally watched every second of every single game this year including pre-season. Combine that with watching all the interviews every week. I've personally watched every single interview that's been posted on the Broncos website this year...literally.

Doing so, it's a bit ridiculous sometimes to read some of the things people post on here.

There's been many times where Elvis has gotten a better pass rush than Von...and as of late, that's been the case. Yeah, Elvis's pass rush has been more CONSISTANT than Von Miller as of late.

Dumervil's run defense has been good this year, and as a matter of fact, you can't really say anyone's run defense has been bad considering Denver is tied for 2nd in the league in rush defense. JDR has said that the dline and pass rushers have had to adjust to the techniques they're playing. They're playing techniques that put run stopping at priority, and pass rushing second unless it's on obvious passing downs. You can see this when teams pass on first down and how our dlineman are faced up with with the olineman.

"Elvis and Von have both embraced playing with the kind of technique we need them to play with to hold up against the direct run at them," Del Rio said. "You know people are going to do it. They're both guys that despite their size, they play with great leverage and technique, which allows them to play against bigger guys."

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