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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
Baja, there is nothing to fear if we are playing them at home. And based on how everything is shaking out, I think eventually it will come down to DEN vs. NE in one round or another and the winner will take all the marbles in the AFC. Because I don't see either team losing to any other team in the postseason. As much as I love Kubes, I think they're going to lose if they have to play either of these two teams, regardless of where the game is. HOU is not playing at a very high level right now, even at home.

It's going to come down to DEN and NE. If we are at home, we should prevail.
I can't believe I have put so much time into this thread about something that should be obvious to all.

It's best to play NE in our house in the second week of the playoffs 7 days after they played a tough game with Cinci and we rested and game planned for 14 days.

Not that hard really. It's not about fear it is a simple advantage in our toughest matchup.
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