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Virgil Green

The Broncos are #3 against the run and lead the league in sacks. Doom leads all Broncos DL in sacks, and even though he represents 25% of the D line, he does not hurt us against the run. He is playing at a Pro Bowl level.

His sin? He is a Pro Bowl player on a defense with a "once in a decade" game changer, and IMHO, (Miller)is a potential HOF'er when all is said and done. Has Doom been the beneficiary of all the attention that Miller demands? Absolutely, but the point is that he is taking advantage of it and that is why he deserves props.

My best analogy is that Doom is the Scotty Pippen or James Worthy to the defense. And no, I am not comparing Miller to Jordan or Magic, just giving an analogy.
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