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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
I'm not a huge fan of Marshall dude. I wish him well and I am rooting for him to do well on Chicago but he isn't an all-time favorite or anything like that like the others. I said at the time we would have to trade him due to how the former CBA was it severely limited recovery in morals clauses, so it was hard to insure the risk. I like Marshall as a player, but he isn't in the category with the rest, John.

(Plus, Khan sends me vicious text messages every time I say something even remotely positive about Marshall, so I'd rather not get those. ).
I didnt have you as a Marshall fan. I have you as a Cutler, Shanny and DJ WIlliams fan. A little too much as I was going to send you Fat Heads of all 3 but Khan told me you already have those filled up around the house. No more wall space.
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