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Don't piss off Manning.
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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
Good point, Hobo.

I dont think anyone is taking anything for granted. Certainly anything can happen, but we're just saying that at present, this looks like the best team out there. Is it concievable that a red hot Bengals could upset us in Round 2? Sure, but I think we'd need to seriously lose the turnover battle and/or have key injuries. No one is counting chickens. We know quite well what kinds of things can happen in the playoffs and we have the scars to prove it. I just think this is the best team we've had since 98, so I'd really be pissed off if they weren't in the SB. They ARE the AFC's best team. I'm not saying it is a lock they will get there, just that I'll be pissed off if they arent there due to how good they look and more importantly how consistently good they've been for months now.

For me this is the worst time to start feeling confident. Before the media just ignored us. Which is fine. It lets us fly under the radar. Now everybody is looking at us and they are looking to set us up to smack us down. I think we all need to be like Manning and not look to far ahead. I swear to you that guy doesn't look pass the next door he's so focused.

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