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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
Hard to put up stats when you are only in there 2 or 3 series in a game. I understand that its because Woodyard is playing well so I get the reasoning, but it still sucks. I also hope he goes somehwere where he is used and wanted. Urlacher is about done, maybe move Briggs to MLB and put DJ at WLB, that would be cool. I'd be a very happy if he went to the Bears.
Well, Bears are one of your 3 favorite teams so I could see your reasoning.
Why of all the Broncos players, you have to pick the one who is a pretty much a douche as part of the face of Broncos football? A guy with his suspensions and his drinking issues? I know he is Miami U but for God sakes, I didn't get all pissed off when Billy Miller (USC) went to the Texans! I know it might be tough to find a stand up guy from South Florida area but you can replace him with some standout guys without so much baggage.
The 3 Amigo Douchebags: Cutler, Williams and Marshall .
There is a hot shirt item.

Porter got beat out of his spot after one game. Why can't Williams beat out WW? He isn't as good as WW and probably expendable for next season. With that being said, I hope he kicks some ass when he is in there. He is a Broncos player for the 2012 season.

EDIT: SOCal, just read your post but I would hide that excitement for the last few years.

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