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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
I just think it is funny that he says that you following DJ Williams and supporting him (which makes sense, since he was a Cane and Bronco) is unhealthy, when he has been kicked off virtually every forum because of his trolling on Mike Shanahan and other ridiculous anti-Broncos behavior.

Yep, rooting for a college favorite on your favorite NFL team is sure unhealthy -- but posting diatribe on a HOF coach who helped us win two Super Bowls is completely the opposite. This guy is so insane it is beyond belief.

DJ has always been a favorite of mine because he was the greatest HS player I ever saw (also saw Daylon McCutcheon in HS and he was great also) and easily my favorite recruit in the 2000 class. And then he chose my college team (Schiano was his main recruiter, oddly enough) and did very well there and was drafted by my pro team and did very well when they allowed him to play his spot. He has had his issues which I hope he can correct but I'll always be grateful to him for how well he played for both of my teams.

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