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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
Wow I didnt know he liked Hillis. Interesting to know. Thanks Req.
well once again dream is distorting the facts..

but I'd expect that from a kid I've had to ban damned near a dozen times from another forum..

I was not a clady fan because he played at BS against weak competition.. Have said many times I was wrong .. But now not sure that he is going to be worth the money he is going to want..

as for Doom called him and one trick pony because all he does it sack and frankly not worth the money again for being the highest paid bronco on the team..

was dead on about my takes on DJ, Cutlet, mikey, Marshall , ashely, moss, foster and numerous other DAFT choices that mikey made..

I still say that mikey was and is a great OC but beyond that I'm not sure of his validity of the money he was making..

I liked Hillis because he was a big back that could take the punishment.. did not like tater because he was a poortiss wannabe.

Liked Mike Anderson and the direction that Josh was going to take this team.. we needed to get bigger and tougher mikeys finesse offense and defense got our asses kicked when the chips were down..

I think just looking at who we are today vs 5 years ago it is light years ahead..

as for the chicken **** shot about wearing leather helmets at least I strapped a helmet on verse learning how to play on madden and FF..

just more crap from a punk that should have been banned a dozen more times here for his rude and childish commentary..

think that is about it.. I have work to do..
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